Our Curriculum

Calvary Child Care Center curriculum and activities are Christian based and are planned according to the developmental levels of the children enrolled. We provide worksheets as part of our curriculum to teach concepts in preparation for Kindergarten.

As educators, we know that children learn most by doing things "hands on" and through play, therefore we provide a stimulating learning environment. Our common area and classrooms are set up into shared and rotated learning centers which include: dramatic play, discovery, reading, puzzles, art, blocks and manipulative toys.

Our preschool curriculum includes experiences for literacy development, language, phonics, bible stories/scriptures, early number concepts, music, physical education (motor skills), arts/crafts, socialization, health/nutrition, and social studies (learning about their world).

In the three-four-and-five-year-old classes, homework is sent home twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. Parents are encouraged to sit with their child to complete short assignments. For the two-year-old class, homework will be sent home periodically throughout the year.