Daily Meals

Parents must provide daily lunch and drink, snacks provided by school.

  • Snack: The school provides a daily nutritious morning and afternoon snack with milk/juice. We encourage and offer your child snack to try new things/tastes and ask that they at least taste it before refusing it.
  • Breakfast: You are welcome to bring morning breakfast from home for early drop offs between 6:30 -7:30 a.m. We have a table set up in the front room. Parents are responsible for set up and warm up (microwaves use allowed). Staff is limited in the morning and our focus needs to be on the children. Please make sure if you choose to do this that you give yourself enough time.
  • Lunch: Parents provide daily lunch and drink. Daily lunch must be brought in a labeled lunch box or bag unless otherwise notified. (Ex: Birthday party lunch provided by a parent, a holiday celebration/potluck at school, etc.)

We are able to warm up lunches in the microwave. As our refrigerator/freezer space is very limited, lunches that need refrigeration should be stored in an insulated lunch bag/container with ice packs. If your child needs an eating utensil for his/her lunch, please remember to pack one. Please don't bring soda, caffeinated or sports drinks, candy or chocolates.

If you forget your child's lunch by accident and do not have time to bring a lunch during our lunchtime: 10:45am (2 year olds) and 11:30am (3 through 5 year olds), emergency back-up lunches may be purchased from the school for $5.00 which includes a main dish, snack and drink. This is provided as a helpful service and not intended for daily use.

Allergies: You must notify the director about any specific allergies your child may have. (Ex: eggs, milk, peanuts, etc.) Substitutions will be made with other snack items available. In extreme cases, if your child has several and/or specific allergies that we cannot accommodate, you may be asked to provide snacks for your child.